Shooting Range

Thanks for checking out SOS Eagle. Not only would we like to stop the annexation of Avimor into our city, but we have concerns about other issues that keep arising. One of them is the planned shooting range up Eagle Road on Willow Creek Rd. It is very near people’s homes. How would you like it if someone decided to put in a large shooting range near your home? I have provided some background.

This is the Open House, Mar 9, 2022 –

And this is the document from the City Council meeting on Mar 22, 2022 when the City Council agreed to pursue the project. Note the history provided on this document showing that

Note that the city met with law enforcement agencies on Feb 9, user groups on Feb 23, and the land owner on Feb 24 to begin the process of transferring ownership.

At no point did they meet with the homeowners in the vicinity nor the recreation users that have used that area for at least the last 40 years. This City Council and Mayor represent us and should be working with everyone impacted, especially those that live in the vicinity of this potential shooting range.

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