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We are a group of Eagle residents concerned about growth and development in Eagle, Idaho – currently, the City of Eagle’s plans to annex Avimor.  We feel more input and involvement from Eagle residents are needed before moving forward.  

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Survey #3 - Annexation

The crew here at SOS Eagle is conducting a third survey, again about the Avimor annexation proposal. After the first P&Z meeting on the night of January 17th, along with the updated application from Avimor, some new information has come to light. Gauging public sentiment about this proposal is our goal, therefore we want as many people as possible to respond to the survey. The more respondents we have, the more accurate the survey! Results of this survey will be provided to city officials, but your personal information will remain confidential. Click the button below to take the survey.

Current Avimor Application

SOS Eagle has learned that the current Avimor annexation application before the Planning and Zoning commission has been modified from the original one submitted in April 2022. We obtained this information through Public Records Request #14-2023. Click the button below to view the documents from the PRR. (Note: The button below will take you to the city’s FOIA website with a zip file that contains 13 PDF documents.)

Avimor Annexation Application (April 2022)

SOS Eagle obtained the complete annexation application that Avimor submitted to the City of Eagle! We obtained this information through Public Records Request #217-2022. Due to our work to obtain this information, it is now publicly available on the city’s website, but the path is not a clear one. Mayor Pierce and the City Council claim that they are not allowed to access the application until 4 days before the hearing despite it being public information. That’s why we have re-posted all 27 documents on our website! Click the button below to see the full application. Please take some time to look over each document.

Avimor Survey Results

Click the button below to review the results of the first Avimor Survey.

Eagle Projects and Transparency Survey Results

Click the button below to view the results of the Eagle Projects and Transparency Survey.


In mid-August 2022 SOS Eagle mailed out over 4,000 postcards to residents of Eagle. The purpose of this mailing is to provide answers to some of the most important questions facing our city today. If you were one of the lucky folks to receive a postcard, congratulations! If not, you can download one here. On this postcard several pertinent questions are posed about key issues affecting Eagle’s future. Because time is of the essence for all of these questions, we urge you to visit a page we’ve set up on this website with detailed answers to those questions. Click the button below to learn more!

Avimor Update

Avimor has been busy.  Since submitting their annexation request to the City of Eagle at the end of April, they’ve also submitted its Trail and Pathways Design and Construction standards plan, along with rezone and city code ordinance changes to Eagle’s Park, Pathways & Recreation Committee (PPRC).  And a road plan was recently submitted to the Ada County Highway District (ACHD).

Because there is now a “land use issue” before the city, the mayor and council are not likely to speak or answer your questions about Avimor, unless in the most general of terms.  The PPRC did review Avimor’s plan at their June 16th meeting.  They seemed to support the concept that if Avimor is annexed, they will have to adopt Eagle’s higher standards, which is not what Avimor had proposed.

At some point in the future, Eagle’s Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing about Avimor’s annexation.  Public comment will be allowed at that time.  During the Town Hall meeting on June 7, 2022, the mayor and council shot down one citizen’s request to create a public survey to determine if the public favored or opposed Avimor’s annexation.  Should we create a survey or poll of our own to present to city hall?

By the city’s own Tischler Bise study, the cost to develop Avimor after approximately ten years will not pay for itself.  Eagle will have to intercede and subsidize Avimor.  Do we want over 9,000 new houses, an estimated 20,000+ new residents, along with the cost to develop Avimor over a period of 20 to 30 years?

Take every opportunity to write letters or speak up at council and public hearing meetings.  If we don’t do this, our mayor and council will do what Avimor wanted when they began infusing campaigns and Political Action Committees with their money.  Eagle belongs to us, not Avimor.

About Avimor

How Annexation Impacts Current Eagle Residents

At this point we cannot with certainty talk about how the cost of developing Avimor will impact current residents, but we do believe that the costs will be greater than the benefits. A recently released City-commissioned fiscal impact analysis indicates annexation will create deficits for the City over time. An analysis presented by Avimor is more neutral.

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