Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor re: Avimor

One of SOS Eagle’s members submitted a letter to the editor to several local newspapers. We have republished it here for your enjoyment. -Ed.

Dear Editor,

The issue of annexing the largest housing development in the history of Idaho is looming over the residents of Eagle. Although the real impacts of annexing Avimor will be significant and perpetual impacts on all residents of Eagle, the issue will be decided solely by the City Council and Mayor following a review by Planning and Zoning.

No public vote will be held.

Where is the survey for the most impactful decision in the history of Eagle?? Quaint, unique Eagle is poised to become a sprawling conglomeration. Eagle’s total land area would become over 65 square miles, second only to Boise in the entire state of Idaho.

Know another city roughly 65 square miles? Stockton, California. The city has previously sought resident input for their plans on many different issues. Sports Complex? Shooting Range? Sent a survey. Fiber Optic network? Saw the survey for that just this week.

Lynlee Fertal
Eagle, Idaho

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