SOS Eagle Satisfaction & Candidate Poll

On this page are the results and comments from our most recent survey, presented in two separate pdf files. Thanks to everyone who responded to this survey as it allows us to gauge the sentiment that Eagle residents have for the actions of our city government, and for the possible candidates for this November’s election. Our surveys also provide valuable feedback to our elected officials at City Hall.

5 thoughts on “SOS Eagle Satisfaction & Candidate Poll”

  1. I suspect that mostly Democrats were sent this Survey. If indeed it was evenly answered by Rs, Ds and Is, then there’s HOPE that Pierce and Company will be unelected.

    I hate saying this, but I don’t see any DECENT opposition being presented at the current time and fear that people will be loathe to switch “horses”, even given their overall dissatisfaction. Kinda like the abused wife who still stays with her rotten husband because although he’s rotten, he’s a source of comfort and stability.

    Hope I’m WRONG!

    1. SOS Eagle surveys are open to anyone regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof, as is participation in our events. One important fact to be aware of is that only one of the four current members of the Eagle City Council (Brad Pike) had any experience as an elected official in municipal government prior to serving his current term in office.

      City elections in Idaho are non-partisan and the deadline to file is 5:00 p.m. on September 8, 2023.

  2. Eagle needs a change of leadership! IMO and many others it is very clear to me that this Mayor and the City Council are corrupt, connected with developers, super donors and probably taking kickbacks, bribes, and granting special favors! I believe they bought $$$ the last election and finagled donation regulations.
    The annexation of Avimore is probably the worst decision ever made in Eagle’s long history, AND they are destroying the quaint downtown with high-rise buildings instead of building out of the downtown area. Eagle’s downtown doesn’t need to be the next Boise! Get out the vote!

  3. I have lived in Eagle for over 30 years and, in the past, the City Council required architecturally desirable apartment buildings and businesses.
    The current City Council has approved too many BUBB’s that areas in Eagle look cheap and ugly.
    Definition BUBB= Butt Ugly Box Buildings
    Very disappointing! Vote out these land developers with ultimate motives out; before they do more damage!

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